Tentang aku
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Salam semua,
semua tentang aku.. hahaha.. aper2 pun.. aku ni seorang yang simple.. and suka jalan2 and share pengalaman dengan orang..
Sekarang (2014) aku dan keluarga (isteri dan twins) berada dekat sheffield,UK. aku sambung PHD dekat sini …

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cerita aku

ikutilah cerita aku,kisah aku dan pengalaman aku. dalam cerita ini, aku lah hero.kalau tak percaya, tanyalah aku. hehehhe

Nana Kitchen

Koleksi resepi yang telah dicuba oleh isteri ku aka mama twins iaitu mommy NANA.. Love You 4 Ever

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Cerita mengenai perjalananku membina rumah impian Di Durian Tunggal Melaka


Pengalaman,Tips,gambar ketika bercuti

Pengurusan Kewangan

Tips,berita dan Pengalaman di dalam mengurus kewangan peribadi dengan bijak

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Study in the UK

Submitted by zaini_uitm82 on September 12, 2008 – 5:01 am2 Comments

Why UK?

Globalisation – where do you fit in?

The experience of living overseas is itself an education preparing you for the world and life.

Britain is the ‘Gateway to Europe’, the largest economic grouping in the modern world.

Studying in Britain gives that so valuable overseas living experience and offers:

  • an education system that matches perfectly with the Malaysian system
  • specialised degrees of guaranteed quality with international professional recognition
  • degree programmes which include appropriate supervised work experience and which reduce the cost of studies
  • the opportunity of meeting, studying and networking with people from all over the world
  • the security of a free medical service and a caring supportive society

This page will give you more details on each of these factors which altogether make a British first degree very good value for money and the preferred source of graduates for 70% of Malaysian employers. (AC Nielsen Survey 1999).

Educational match

The similarity between the Malaysian educational system and that in Britain, means that transfer between Malaysia and Britain is straightforward and well understood at all levels, from STPM or A Level holders, to Diploma holders.

UK universities are familiar with Malaysian qualifications and advanced entry to UK degree courses is readily available, and has resulted in very successful degree results.

MABECS can advise you on the opportunities for credit transfer and advanced entry.


Degrees can be at either ‘ordinary ‘or ‘honours’ level. Universities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland confer ‘honours’ degrees at the end of a three year course, compared to Australian universities where three years will only lead to an ‘ordinary’ level degree.

There is, thus, greater value for money by studying in Britain.

There are some exceptions to this of course, as some disciplines require a longer period of study than three years in order to achieve professional recognition, e.g. Chartered Status Engineers, Medicine, Veterinary Science, etc.

Scottish school pupils follow a different system, more like the Australian one, which means they apply to universities after only one year of sixth form studies.

Scottish degree courses, therefore, take 4 years to ‘Honours’.

However, advanced standing (credit transfer) to second or even third year can be offered to overseas students of sufficient calibre, again providing value for money.

For postgraduate students, it is significant to note that the majority of Masters courses in the UK, last one year, as against two years in some other countries.

This significantly reduces the cost of specialised study, while still giving the added dimension of the overseas experience.


The high standards set by the various British professional bodies are well known, recognised internationally, and widely accepted in Malaysia.

Thus, students interested in the most competitive professions – such as Medicine, Law, Engineering – know that their qualifications will be recognised and valued, when they return to Malaysia to practice.

MABECS provides up-to-date information on all locally recognised degrees and the qualifying requirements of all professional bodies within Malaysia.


The British Government and the universities invest a lot of time and money in ensuring that the quality of British education is maintained across the board.

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has responsibility for assessing the universities, their departments and their teaching methods to establish parity of provision and good practice across the sector.

This continuous assessment ensures that the qualifications and experiences that you gain in the UK will help prepare you for a bright and prosperous future.
Work Experience

British universities have pioneered the educational combination of an academic course and work experience. Such programmes, usually called Sandwich Courses, are available in a wide range of subjects, from Accounting to Law, Engineering, Computing and many others.

The work programmes in industry or commerce, are agreed between the employer and the university and supervised by the university to ensure their relevance and value to the student.

This experience gives an added insight into their subject of study, as well as earning a good salary and enhancing employability.


British universities have been welcoming overseas students, for well over a hundred years.

Thus, they have great experience in helping students to settle in and begin to understand and experience, the culture and surroundings of their new home.

There are plenty of clubs and societies involved in all sorts of activities, including thriving Malaysian Societies, that offer great opportunities for meeting old friends and making new ones.


Their large international intake from all around the world, makes UK universities almost a mini United Nations!

This brings many advantages including giving you the opportunity to make bridges across different cultures.

You are also in an enviable position of being able to gain an insight, into different backgrounds, values and attitudes from yourself.

All of these experiences are valuable in terms of your own education, while some contacts and friendships may grow into lifelong links.

Medical health

You do not need to take out medical insurance when you go to study in the UK.

As long as you are studying for a full-time course lasting more than 6 months, medical and hospital treatment is free under the National Health Scheme.

You will probably have to pay a standard charge for drugs prescribed for you by a doctor, but otherwise you, as well as your spouse and children if they are with you, are covered by the system.

Most universities have a medical clinic on campus, specifically for students, and there is a wide range of other support services run by the International Office and by the Students’ Union to help you, in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

And then there is the weather!

The British are said to talk all the time about The Weather.

Being in the Northern Temperate Zone and strongly influenced by the Atlantic and the Gulf Stream the weather is rather variable but never very hot or very cold compared to Australia, North America or continental Europe.

Most Malaysians, once they get used to it, find the climate in the UK to be like all over air-conditioning!

In other words, excellent for study and for living a busy and active life.

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  • Nurul says:


    Saya ex-utem, grad tahun 2010. skang ni kerja di Shah Alam. Boleh saya tau cara2 untuk memohon belajar di luar negara? dan cara untuk mendapatkan biasiswa.

    terima kasih.

  • m.ruzaini.h says:

    salam nurul,

    terima kasih kerana lawat blog saya.. fakulti mana yer dulu.. untuk belajar luar negara yang paling diperlukan adalah mendapatkan biasiswa/pembiayaan.. anda boleh tanya mara atau tgk iklan untuk maklumat lanjut.. banyak peluang yang ada sekiranya anda cuba mencari..


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